The below outlines the steps for and answers questions about the process of registering to coach or volunteer with an FRC program.

Step 1:

Visit and select “coaches/volunteers” from the “registration” dropdown menu. Alternatively, go to: to access the form directly.

Note: The coach/volunteer registration process is separate from program. If you are registering your child/dependent for a program and volunteering to coach, you must complete this process in addition to their registration.


Step 2:

After registering to coach, you will receive an e-mail from Yardstik to complete a background check (required every 2 years) AND a concussion training. Note: It may take up to 4 days to receive the Yardstik e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail from Yardstik AND more than 4 days have passed, be sure to check your spam folder or other firewalls.

If you have completed a background check/concussion training process in the last 2 years, you will not need to complete this step again, and your program chair or commissioner should be able to assign you to a team in Team Snap within 1 week of your coaches’ registration completion.

If you are due to complete the Yardstik process, you must complete both the background check AND the concussion training:

To complete the concussion training, you must have or create an account in CDC train at and follow the below instructions:

      • From your account, select the coaches concussion training:
      • The course details will load for the course.
      • To register, select the pre-assessment tab.
      • The pretest will load in a new tab. Please select the Start Assessment button.
      • When you have completed the pre-assessment, please exit the tab. CDC TRAIN will still be open in another tab.
      • Please select the Launch course button to begin the course.
      • If you need to leave the course prior to completing it, TRAIN will hold you in progress. You can return to the course by logging back into CDC TRAIN and selecting Your Learning on the home page. Your course will be listed here. Click on the In Progress link to re-launch the course.
      • Once you have completed the course, select the course exit button to close the course.
      • CDC TRAIN will still be open in the browser. Please select the Assessment Pending button to begin the post assessment.
      • One you have completed to post assessment, close the tab to return to CDC TRAIN. If you passed the post assessment with an 80 or higher, a certificate will be placed in your certificates in CDC TRAIN (Your Learning/Your Certificates).
      • If you fail, you may retake the post-assessment.


For program chairs and commissioners: ONLY when all of the above steps (registration, background check, concussion training) have been completed AND at least 4 days have passed should you be able to roster a coach in Team Snap.