Home of the Fallston Rec Wrestling Program

Wrestling Winter 2018/2019

Meets two nights at Fallston Middle School or Fallston High School beginning in November 2018

Practice this week is Monday Dec 10th and Wednesday Dec 12th at the Fallston Middle School. 7 and under is from 6 to 7.  8 and up from 7 to 8:30. Check practice schedule.

Online registration is now open and can take place by going to the Fallston Recreation Council website, www.fallstonrec.com, or visit us at the wrestling practice.  Cost is $85/wrestler (family rate – 2/$135; 3 or more $165) with an additional uniform deposit fee of $50/wrestler (Uniform deposit is returned when equipment is returned to program).  For more information, 

Visit us on Facebook at Fallston Junior League Wrestling 

Clinic practice (ages 5-7 )- two nights on Monday and Wednesday 

All new wrestlers only must turn 5 by Jan 2019. Previous wrestlers who donot turn 5 by Jan 2019 will be grandfathered in. 

Regular team practice age 8 and up two nights on Monday and Wednesday.


Wrestlers should wear atheletic shorts and shirts that are not baggy. Wrestling shoes and head gear are required.  If you need to borrow shoes we have a good selection that can be chosen on a first come first serve basis, you may add these to your deposit with the singlet.  Singlets and gear will be distributed starting Monday November 19th.  and requires a post dated (4/1/2019)check deposit that will be returned when the gear is returned at the end of the season.  



Online Registration visit https://fallstonrec.sportssignup.com.
For more information, email baumers2@comcast.net. or klburger@yahoo.com, or Andy.Amasia@gmail.com, or Phone:  Mike Baum: 410-322-6350 or Kyle Burger: 410.259.4378, or Andy Amasia: 410.879.1362